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What’s the money going on?

30 Nov

I have a bag in the freezer where I put random leftover fruit, mostly apple slices from the children’s lunches.  It was full so I put the fruit in a pan and cooked it til soft, then pureed it.  Then I made breakfast cookies and used some of the fruit puree there — as well as the leftover egg yolks from the Thanksgiving meringue.

Made turkey soup. Other Adult expressed not wanting to eat any more turkey. I ended up giving all the leftover turkey and the leftover soup to my mother, who was happy. 

Used stale bread from the freezer for #2Child’s french toast. #2Child likes it cut up in small pieces anyway.

Made a palatial lasagna last night thinking it would be two nights’ dinners, but everyone was so hungry that now there is enough leftover for a weekend lunch at best.  I can’t regret being the victim of my own cooking success.

Totalled up October’s food costs.  Even leaving out our dinner out with friends ($40) and the kids’ school lunches, I spent almost $600.  HOW?! 

Must speak with Other Adult about a better way to share paying for household costs.  The business where I pay for everything is not good or necessary any more.