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What’s the money going on?

30 Nov

I have a bag in the freezer where I put random leftover fruit, mostly apple slices from the children’s lunches.  It was full so I put the fruit in a pan and cooked it til soft, then pureed it.  Then I made breakfast cookies and used some of the fruit puree there — as well as the leftover egg yolks from the Thanksgiving meringue.

Made turkey soup. Other Adult expressed not wanting to eat any more turkey. I ended up giving all the leftover turkey and the leftover soup to my mother, who was happy. 

Used stale bread from the freezer for #2Child’s french toast. #2Child likes it cut up in small pieces anyway.

Made a palatial lasagna last night thinking it would be two nights’ dinners, but everyone was so hungry that now there is enough leftover for a weekend lunch at best.  I can’t regret being the victim of my own cooking success.

Totalled up October’s food costs.  Even leaving out our dinner out with friends ($40) and the kids’ school lunches, I spent almost $600.  HOW?! 

Must speak with Other Adult about a better way to share paying for household costs.  The business where I pay for everything is not good or necessary any more.


More spendy times

15 Nov

The children needed new jeans and pants. #1Child was adamant about NOT getting them at the thrift store. Off to Target. 6 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of leggings, $120. Oh well, now they’re equipped for the winter.

#1Child was ranting the other day about how “you never want to spend your money, you have all this money and you don’t want to spend it.” I stopped, took a deep breath, and said calmly, “Why do you think I have a lot of money?  What makes you think that?”  I was honestly curious. #1Child either could not, or chose not to, answer.

Food waste: some leftover white rice that went bad. Most of two pears that went from ripe to putrid overnight, literally. I chopped off the good bits and threw them into the bag in the freezer where I’m keeping other miscellaneous fruit leftovers.  And I don’t know if this counts, but I was making croutons under the broiler and burnt them, so had to throw out the charcoal blocks formerly known as bread AND the baking sheet that had caught on fire.  Whoops.

Food save: I made yogurt with the half gallon of milk I got for 99 cents because it was going to expire the next day. #1Child refused to drink expired milk, even after I explained the difference between sell-by and use-by dates.

A friend just gave me a bag of long-sleeved Ts.  They all fit and look great. 

I managed NOT to buy shoes, even though they were on sale. I don’t need shoes.  I took my shoes with the broken strap to the shoe repair place and had it fixed for $9. I would have had them fix the broken purse strap, but they wanted to charge $25. Since I got the purse at the thrift store of $3.50, I passed on that, took it back home, and used krazy glue. So far, so good.