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Crap day

30 Sep

Terrible food today. We went to a friend’s house who’s suffering a family crisis so ate some pasta that someone had brought over, plus a store-made Caesar salad (without dressing, at least).  Dinner, at home, was a take-and-bake pepperoni pizza from Safeway and salad.  Since the oven was on I made apple muffins (and ate one) and oatmeal cranberry chocolate chip cookies (and ate some batter).  Too many carbs, too much sugar. Bleuch. Cheap, though — the pizza, which served 4 of us, was $4.

#2Child was having a meltdown so the Other Adult went outside, got ear protectors, and put them on. This emblematizes OA’s parenting style 90% of the time. And, yeah, pisses me off.

I didn’t get anything planted this week.  It’s getting hot again, into the 100s by the beginning of the week supposedly. That, too, explains the baking: wanted to do some while I could.  Earlier this week I made pizza muffins hoping the children would take them to school for lunch, but they balked. You know those beautiful bento boxes other kids take? Or just plain creative ideas like “sandwiches” made from apple slices and sunflower butter, or silicon cups of hummus and veggies to dip, or “build your own lunchable”? Mine won’t eat those. #1Child: salami sandwich or death. #2Child: still haven’t quite pegged it yet, but would probably be happy with a container of olives. No, who am I kidding, would definitely be happy with a container of marshmallows and chocolate chips with a side of Jell-O pudding.


Halloween, (semi)frugally

27 Sep

Convinced the children to shop at Goodwill for Halloween costumes. They found at least part of their garb there.

Recent food waste: sadly, 3/4 of a yellow bell pepper that rotted in the fridge.  Thought I was on top of that one. Some elbow macaroni from #2Child’s packed lunch and half a slice of bread from #1Child’s.

Low-cost weekend

25 Sep

Two outings for ice cream.  One place the punch card was full, the other I had a coupon. Hit up the farmer’s market for berries, eggplant, fresh basil, figs (the only ones I’ve bought), asparagus (the Other Adult got it, I wouldn’t have since it’s out of season and didn’t smell great), romanesco cauliflower. Afternoons at the pool.

Supermarket yesterday for weekly specials: milk, canned tuna, fruit leather on clearance, cat food, feta cheese with a coupon posted in the store. Made yogurt.

This week’s project: now that the weather has cooled, plant some fall crops –lettuce and greens especially. And figure out how to get and grow sunchokes.

October Unprocessed

21 Sep

I will do this: no processed food in October. Special challenges: visiting friends hosting a party at our house (but they are healthy vegetarian types) and, of course, Halloween. Trick-or-treating plus the party we usually have for kids.

Hosted a big dinner last night, food from Costco, easy. Leftover beef barbecue, baked chickpea burgers, spinach salad and a cheesecake in the freezer (Costco); grape leaves and tabbouli (from guests); Pepperidge Farm cookies and half a Safeway brownie pie thing (guests).

Food waste so far today: half a TJ’s mini chicken taco (made 3 for #1Child’s breakfast, 2.5 were eaten).

Free lunch at work. Grilled mahi mahi and salad.

Food waste/food saved

20 Sep

Got #2 Child to eat the dinner that had been ignored for night-time snack. save

 Rescued a bell pepper that was starting to get some soft spots and put it into salad. That’s a wash, I guess, because I still had to compost the soft spots.  Likewise the two apples with bad spots; I cut off the bad spots and chopped the rest for muffins.

#1 Child only drank half the smoothie I made her for breakfast.  It was too seedy/sour (probably for #1C, too) even for smoothie pops. waste

Also, I made yogurt again last night. Found out afterwards that too much stirring makes the yogurt grainy.


20 Sep

This week I took two bags of clothes to the thrift store.  One was mostly things a friend had given me that I didn’t care for, though.  I took a stack of magazines to the gym and put them in the reading pile there.  Also took an envelope of papers to the office, although that’s kind of redistributing clutter rather than eliminating it.

Goals in the decluttering realm: go through desk and papers. Purge magazine collection (eBay for collectibles). Clean out downstairs hall closet; it’s full of boxes of God only knows what.

One more pass through my clothes to make sure I wear everything I have. I also need to take some things to be altered so I do wear them.

Definitely in for October Unprocessed. It will help me be more mindful of my choices.

Lunch yesterday, speaking of: I bought a Caesar salad for $3.81 (including tax) and ate that with the Greek yogurt ($1) I’d stashed in the office fridge. The salad dressing and croutons would have failed the Unprocessed rules.  Dinner: the Other Adult was out so I made a sweet potato with an egg and cheese baked into it and a salad. Unprocessed win!

The last couple weeks have been heavy on offspring-related spending as they enroll in extracurriculars, mostly music for both, but also skating for both and a circus class for #2 Child. I forked over a total of $423 for those things, doesn’t include instrument rental (will be $24/month) or regular karate fees ($45/month) for #1 Child. No more music spending til January at least, though. Skating is two months and circus is one month.

Another fail

19 Sep

I missed free lunch at school because a conversation went on way too long and now have to buy something, because I can’t make it four more hours on one cup of yogurt (what’s in the office fridge). Dang it.

But I do want to do the October Unprocessed challenge at Eating Rules.  Wondering about cheese, though. I don’t really want to have to make my own.