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Moving stuff out to move

11 Dec

Probably buying a house, which means moving, so decluttering is accelerating.  I took 6 grocery bags of clothes/shoes to Goodwill this week, donated some books to the Prison Library Project, and managed to sell a dress, a pair of shoes, and three books on eBay or half[dot]com. Tomorrow when the consignment place opens I’ll call them about taking a couple of jackets and dresses and combine that with taking in some old-fashioned jewelry to the place that buys such things. 

Went out for a pricy dinner last week.  Somehow I thought “we want to take you out” meant the other couple would treat … that plus the babysitting added up fast.  It was fun, though, and they are wonderful friends.  It evens out because they threw a great party (catered!) this past weekend and my parent came and watched the children, so we had a free fun night out.

Ate lunch for free at work twice last week.  Free lunch today and free dinner tomorrow.  And with Other Adult working through dinner time 5x/week, my dinners are much cheaper. 

Have to remember to make the luminarias with the children to use up the thrift store candles and the miscellaneous glass jars.