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Hypothetical extra money

15 Nov

I always love this kind of dreaming.  The Non Consumer Advocate asks here (http://thenonconsumeradvocate.com/2010/09/what-would-you-do-with-an-extra-100-1000-10000-2/) what would you do with an extra $100? $1000?  $10,000?

$100: get my hair cut and buy a new pair of shoes.  Oh no, that was before I got a traffic ticket this morning. Pay ticket.

$1000: Put it towards the car repair bill.

$10,000: Put some in the children’s college savings funds, use some for family vacation. I received a legacy in this amount a year ago and that’s what I did with it. Some stayed in the emergency fund.

Now, if I didn’t want to save any of it, just spend spend spend, I’d do this:

$1000: family weekend out of town at a nice hotel OR send the money to my sister so she and her partner could come and visit.

$10,000: arrange a family vacation in some fun spot like Costa Rica, pay for mother, sister and sister’s partner to join us.  Extra money, I would invite a couple of friends to come as well.