Spendy times

5 Nov

The car needed over $4K of work.  On the other hand, I couldn’t buy a new car for $4,000. And now it runs great. I hope to keep it at least another 5 years.

Food waste: Leftover rice noodles. No one eats them! Ever! I suggested to Other Adult that we cook fewer rice noodles next time. OA said, “They’d be good if I fried them. But somehow I didn’t think of that.” I repeated that we should just cook fewer rice noodles in the future. Also, and this really chapped me, I bought OA some pork chops. OA is the only one here who really likes pork. And the pork chops sat in the fridge until they went bad. That’s the last time I go out of my way to get OA meat. Honestly!

I did take a canteloupe that was getting soft, pureed it and turned it into canteloupe bread ala this post:  http://asugarhigh.blogspot.com/2010/06/cantaloupe-bread.html

It was fine, but the recipe says two loaves.  Yes, two dwarfish loaves!  That amount of batter would have made one decent-sized loaf. I froze the second one.

I also started a bag in the freezer for leftover cut-up fruit, mostly from the children’s lunches. When I’m in the mood I’ll defrost it and turn it into fruit muffins.

Most excitingly, I went to my first food swap today. After worrying myself into making two different items, I arrived to find that there were only 3 other attendees, two of whom were the organizers.  Still, it was a start.


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