Quark! and a spendy weekend

23 Oct

I made quark from Ashley English’s recipe in _Home Dairy_, which is such a user-friendly book that I am entertaining thoughts of getting my hands on goat milk and making feta. Her quark recipe uses yogurt and cultured buttermilk interchangeably as the starter. I used yogurt, since I had it, but it would be fun to try buttermilk. #2Child tasted the quark and pronounced it “yummy”. It’s thick enough that we could use it to sub for cream cheese, which would be great.

We bought some non-food items at the farmer’s market. I was getting a couple of little things ($2/each) for friends I’ll be seeing this week whom I haven’t seen in years. Since the children were with me, well … at least we supported local vendors. Total there was $10. Then in the afternoon we went to Target.  AUUUGGGHH!!  No toys were purchased, hooray, but we did pick up some small things for the Halloween party and #2Child changed her mind about the costume so another $8 was invested there because I don’t think we can get what she wants at the thrift store.  What can I say about it, it’s Target, you can’t get out of there for under $100 if you’re accompanied by children, even if you don’t actually buy them anything in particular.

There are at least 5 separate opportunities to wear costumes this year, however. I don’t recall all this hoopla about Halloween when I was a child. We certainly didn’t wear costumes to school or have school parties. Okay, end crotchety-old-ladyness.

Then we made the mistake of going to a “pumpkin patch” by the mall. Pumpkins were insanely expensive, so I negotiated with the children. But they wanted to go to the petting zoo and #2Child also wanted to ride the ponies. We spent $20 on tickets, they went to the petting zoo, #1Child had had enough. We could have saved $10. And yeah, I know, we could have saved $20 by just not going there at all. While #2Child used up the rest of the tickets #1Child went with Other Adult to the mall bookstore and read for free.

Yesterday we went to Trader Joe’s for pumpkins. 4 pumpkins at $3/each, plus 4 mini gourds at .69 cents. Yay.

The car needs more work. Curses.


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