Thrift store score, eating fail

21 Oct

You win some, you lose some.  I wrote a post on Thursday and then wordpress went down, so I lost it.  I believe the gist was:

  • free lunch at work 3 days this week. Since work lunch often involves a very good salad bar, this is good.
  • some rather haphazard dinners, some of which was wasted by the children. Dang it. I thought the meatballs with fresh ginger and garlic were delicious, myself.
  • there was probably something else in there.

As for new news: yesterday at the thrift store #1Child found The Toy that #2Child has been coveting for months. New, it would be $60; I’d been looking on craigslist and ebay and seen it for @$40; at the thrift store, the price tag was $16.99; and it rang up at 50% off, so it was $8.50. You go, #1Child!

We also found some Halloween decor items, candles for the luminarias I hope to make with them, a tablecloth for the Halloween party, and even Halloween straws.

I couldn’t work out today because my car wouldn’t start. Other Adult fixed it but in the interim I took a walk with the children. We ran into a friend of #2Child’s and got invited for a playdate, which turned out to involve pizza. Which I ate, despite not being all that hungry. I also ate several of the chocolate chip cookies I made as our contribution. Now I’m carb-heavy and unhappy. Bleuch. October Unprocessed is not going well, I’ll have to shoot for November Unprocessed, I think.


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