October Unprocessed so far

3 Oct

What it’s really good at is making me stop finishing the children’s food or stop taking bites of it while making it. Not eaten so far: crusts of white bread; craisins; part of a chicken taco; a sip of smoothie.

Only after I ate some cottage cheese yesterday did it occur to me to check the label. Full of stabilizers, of course. Since I’ve got a tub and a half left and I’m the only one in the house who eats it, I’ll finish the cottage cheese and then not buy any more this month.

Dinner last night: Dorie Greenspan’s chicken en papillote (although her instructions call for foil and she never even explains how to fold the parchment, that’s ok) and steamed green beans. The others had some crusty white bread (#2Child did not eat the crust, of course).

Dinner tonight: sausage, sauteed eggplant and onions, steamed brussels sprouts and cauliflower, side salad. The others had spaghetti as well.

Recent food waste: some soft strawberries. 1/4 of #1Child’s sandwich from school. Ends of a piece of Parmesan that got moldy.


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