Crap day

30 Sep

Terrible food today. We went to a friend’s house who’s suffering a family crisis so ate some pasta that someone had brought over, plus a store-made Caesar salad (without dressing, at least).  Dinner, at home, was a take-and-bake pepperoni pizza from Safeway and salad.  Since the oven was on I made apple muffins (and ate one) and oatmeal cranberry chocolate chip cookies (and ate some batter).  Too many carbs, too much sugar. Bleuch. Cheap, though — the pizza, which served 4 of us, was $4.

#2Child was having a meltdown so the Other Adult went outside, got ear protectors, and put them on. This emblematizes OA’s parenting style 90% of the time. And, yeah, pisses me off.

I didn’t get anything planted this week.  It’s getting hot again, into the 100s by the beginning of the week supposedly. That, too, explains the baking: wanted to do some while I could.  Earlier this week I made pizza muffins hoping the children would take them to school for lunch, but they balked. You know those beautiful bento boxes other kids take? Or just plain creative ideas like “sandwiches” made from apple slices and sunflower butter, or silicon cups of hummus and veggies to dip, or “build your own lunchable”? Mine won’t eat those. #1Child: salami sandwich or death. #2Child: still haven’t quite pegged it yet, but would probably be happy with a container of olives. No, who am I kidding, would definitely be happy with a container of marshmallows and chocolate chips with a side of Jell-O pudding.


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