20 Sep

This week I took two bags of clothes to the thrift store.  One was mostly things a friend had given me that I didn’t care for, though.  I took a stack of magazines to the gym and put them in the reading pile there.  Also took an envelope of papers to the office, although that’s kind of redistributing clutter rather than eliminating it.

Goals in the decluttering realm: go through desk and papers. Purge magazine collection (eBay for collectibles). Clean out downstairs hall closet; it’s full of boxes of God only knows what.

One more pass through my clothes to make sure I wear everything I have. I also need to take some things to be altered so I do wear them.

Definitely in for October Unprocessed. It will help me be more mindful of my choices.

Lunch yesterday, speaking of: I bought a Caesar salad for $3.81 (including tax) and ate that with the Greek yogurt ($1) I’d stashed in the office fridge. The salad dressing and croutons would have failed the Unprocessed rules.  Dinner: the Other Adult was out so I made a sweet potato with an egg and cheese baked into it and a salad. Unprocessed win!

The last couple weeks have been heavy on offspring-related spending as they enroll in extracurriculars, mostly music for both, but also skating for both and a circus class for #2 Child. I forked over a total of $423 for those things, doesn’t include instrument rental (will be $24/month) or regular karate fees ($45/month) for #1 Child. No more music spending til January at least, though. Skating is two months and circus is one month.


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